Greg Poe Airshows was really started at age 16 for Greg in 1969 when he went for his first Airplane ride. The next 40 years of his Aviation career was dedicated to building one of the most successful Airshow business’s in History.  The five biggest impacts on his career would have come from his first Flight Instructor, Friend and Coach of 40 years. The incomparable John (Booms) Chambers.The second biggest impact would be his sponsorship of nearly 6 years at the end of his life with Fagan Inc. The third would have been his wingman to the end Dax Wanless,  the fourth would have been one of his many sponsors and fly buddy Steve Appleton. And the fifth would have been his friend and mentor Wayne Handley! They helped him to take his Airshow business to the highest level. Greg’s legacy continues through his Ryan J Poe Foundation and Greg Poe’s Elevate Your Life Youth program. 2017 will be its 14th year!

Below are some of the names of Family, Friends, and Sponsors who made it all possible!

Special thanks to all other Family, Friends, Airshow Family, Sponsors and FANS!

Kenny Poe                  John Chambers                    Fagen Inc
Katherine Poe           Dax Wanless                         Micron Tech
Ryan J Poe                  Steve Appleton                     Crucial Tech
Kelsey Poe                  Debbie Seagle                       Western Aircraft
Sheri Poe                    Teri Dockwieler                    Aviatt
Russ Poe                     Greg Gibson                           Chelton
Theresa Poe               Dale Dixon                             Dare
Samantha Poe          Mark Peterson                      Oregon Aero
Alyx Poe                      Fagen Family                        Lycoming
Rick Poe                      Wayne Handley                           Lycon
Walter J Mouseau     Sandy Wright                       KTVB-7-Boise
Grayson Poe               Mike Reed                             KBR
Beaver Poe                  Greg Doster                          Toyota
Sheila Poe                    Nate Calvin                          Softie
Mike Poe                      Edward Moore                     Centas
Debbie Poe                  Dale Wolin                            Champion
Ron Witt                      Rare Blare                             Hartzel
Jeff Stanley                 Jordan Wirsz                        Bay Diamond
Brad Wursten            Greg Herrick                        Power Addiction Airshows
Brian Norris               Mark Heiner                        Diamond Sports
Eduardo Poma           Stew                                       Sky Tech
Dee Sarton                  Roland Barris                      Ryan J Poe Foundation
Mark Johnson            Rob Herndon                       Elevate Real Estate